We are a point of reference for the agricultural sector, in particular for the rich wine sector of the territory in which we are rooted, which recognizes the absolute reliability of our wide range of products.

Phytosanitary products, fertilizers, seeds, equipment and latest generation solutions for the guided, integrated and organic protection of crops: we “live” alongside the farmer by offering him not only everything he needs now, but also by studying what will serve him tomorrow , advising and assisting him across the board.

Punto di riferimento per il settore agricolo | Agrivet


Phytosanitary defense

  • Programming of the pesticide defense calendar for vineyards, orchards and vegetables in compliance with the defense protocols and regulations
  • Guided fight in coordination with the official bodies
  • Survey on the best time for fungicides and insecticides treatments
  • Scheduling of agreed visits during the defense campaign
  • Assistance in keeping the treatment book
  • Organization of preparation courses to obtain the Phytochemicals license, update on EEC regulations affecting the sector


Plant fertilization and nutrition

  • Fertilization programs for cultivation in relation to the characteristics of the soil and production purposes
  • Soil analysis and interpretation for a better fertilization program
  • Leaf analysis for targeted nutrition of vineyards, orchards and vegetables


Crop choices and productive directions

  • Consultancy on the variety choices and availability of certified materials and other materials necessary for the plant
  • Guide to the most modern planting, breeding and production techniques.