Ours is a story that tells how the choice to specialize, which took place when the company was founded in 1968, has become our distinctive feature.

Our offer, developed through an incessant evolution of products and services, is aimed at agriculture and livestock, sectors of vital importance since at the origin of the main food chains.
Our main focus is on quality, which is at the core of every aspects of what we do.

Collaboration with various sectors allowed us to develop a global vision. Our greatest ambition is to unite science and conscience, technological development and safeguard of the natural environment.

Our strenghts

I nostri punti di forza: capacità di fornire assistenza tecnica di campo | Agrivet

capacity to offer on site technical assistance

I nostri punti di forza: sviluppo di soluzioni innovative | Agrivet

development of innovative solutions

I nostri punti di forza: servizio di consegne rapido e capillare | Agrivet

fast and widespread delivery service

"To offer high quality products and solutions to the most specific needs, placing the customer at the center of all our activities."

This is our mission.

The task we have assigned ourselves is to identify not only the “what”, investing heavily in the research and development of innovative products, but also the “how”, through a consultancy and assistance service that makes the difference.

Our commitment is aimed at meeting the demands of the present, to anticipate future ones and, through collaboration with the customer, to solve immediate problems, for which it is not possible to wait.