Our commitment to the livestock sector is reflected in the offer of a large quantity and variety of products, including feed, vitamin and mineral supplements, premixes, disinfectants and sanitizers, veterinary equipment specifically intended for dairy cows, beef cattle, calves, white meat calves, pigs, sheep, horses, rabbits, poultry.

Over half a century of experience, constantly enriched by the results of a targeted research activity, translates into an apparatus of knowledge and a system of skills that allow us to provide specialist assistance. Our nutritionists study personalized diets, adhering to the specific needs of each breeder, also making use of chemical-analytical analyzes that contribute scientifically to the setting of the correct animal feed.

Prodotti di qualità assoluta e soluzioni alimentari personalizzate per il settore zootecnico | Agrivet

We believe in the good way of breeding and in the fact that we can do better and better. Aware that today it is no longer enough to deal with the correct nutrition and correct hygienic conditions of animals, we have extended our skills to the sphere of their well-being.