ALBION® produces mineral elements structurally linked with amino acids.
Metalosate® Magnesium is a natural chelate, patented by Albion® Laboratories, in which the chelating agent is represented by amino acids of vegetable origin.
Since amino acids are the constituents of proteins present in all living organisms, the association of minerals with amino acids provides a huge advantage in the efficiency of absorption and translocation of minerals in the plant.

Use of the product:
Metalosate® Magnesium is applied to plants by foliar application and is indicated as a nutritional supplement and balancer in the following crops:

  • Tree crops (vines, apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, olive trees, citrus trees, etc.)
    • Apple tree: Metalosate® Magnesium prevents phylloptosis in the most sensitive varieties.
    • Vine: Metalosate® Magnesium associated with Metalosate® Calcium is indispensable in the prevention and cure of drying up of the rachis.
  • Open field herbaceous crops (sugar beet, tobacco, tomato, corn, wheat, rice).
  • Horticultural and flower crops.

Application doses:

  • Vineyards and orchards: from 1 to 3 Liters / Hectare
  • Herbaceous and horticultural crops: from 0.5 to 2.0 Liters / Hectare
  • Floral, ornamental, turf: 25-50 ml / 100 square meters.

The treatments must be repeated 2-4 times 8-15 days apart.
These doses vary according to the crop to be treated, the vegetative stage and the environmental conditions at the time of use. For optimal use, the dose to be applied should be obtained from the leaf analysis results processed by the T.E.A.M.®. Consult your local Authorized Distributor for more information on this.

Metalosate® Magnesium is compatible with most of the phytosanitary products on the market; in any case carry out a preliminary test and follow the indications of the phytosanitary product manufacturer.